Alive Body

Wash and Lotions

At Wholly Her, you can find a full spectrum of nourishing and refreshing body washes and lotions. Do you need a hand and body wash that will smell wonderful while also feeling superb on your skin? We have it. Are you looking for a premium body wash and lotion set for a friend’s birthday present? We have that too. Wholly Her is all about nourishing your skin and allowing you to fully replenish your body and soul. Make every showering time a true pampering ritual and offer your skin only the best possible care.

At our online shop, you will also find a hand wash and lotion set with a tray, perfect for everyone’s bathroom oasis of heaven. It will create a nice little focal point in your bathroom while keeping all of your body wash and lotion products in one spot. We are proud to offer you a variety of scents that will appeal to everyone’s senses. Whether you enjoy the smell of Goji berries, orange, figs, apricots, green tea, mango or lychee, you will find the perfect premium-quality Alive Body hand wash and lotion products. Offer yourself the ultimate self-care ritual and shop our Alive Body body wash and lotion sets today.