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Bath Soaks

Have you always wanted the most nurturing, soft and rejuvenating feeling during your baths? With Wholly Her Bath Soaks, your dream is now a reality. Let our rejuvenating bath soaks replenish your skin and spirit as you enjoy ME time after a long day. Detox and recharge your batteries with intoxicating aromas of eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang, lemon, rose, lavender and dried orange. 

Need a replenishing and soothing bath? At Wholly Her,  you’re going to find the soak you’re looking for and offer yourself nurturing care your skin deserves. Browse through our assortment of rejuvenating bath soak products and shop for your favourite aroma. At Wholly Her, you can buy bath soaks online and have them delivered Australia wide. All of our bath soaks are animal-cruelty free,  natural and contain sustainable ingredients. These Australian made bath soaks are vegan, nourishing your skin from the very first second of submerging yourself under the water until finishing your evening ritual. 

Thanks to Magnesium Flakes and Himalayan Salt, every Rejuvenating bath soak from our assortment will relieve skin conditions, improve sleep, relieve stress, reduce inflammation, ease muscle pain and draw out toxins from the skin and tissues. Indulge in ultimate relaxation with all the sweet, refreshing scents.