Collagen Beauty & Super Greens

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Collagen Beauty & Super Greens

At Wholly Her, you will find everything you need to promote wellbeing and energy. With our Collagen Beauty products, you’ll get all the magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamins A and B12 that your body needs to function well. On top of that, our Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty assortment of products also promotes acid-alkaline balance in your body, protects your immune system, promotes energy, supports digestion, balances electrolytes and supports muscle and nerve function. 

Shop our Collagen Beauty powder and make your ME time all about your wellbeing. Buy super greens to make your post-workout time even more enjoyable as you feel vibrant, energised and well, day in day out.

Do you also want to eat your way to healthy skin, hair & nails? Thanks to Wholly Her’s Collagen Beauty Bars, you can snack your way to a beautiful body. Our collagen beauty bars will help you with collagen intake while reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity & hydration. They are also chock-full of Vitamin C & Zinc that support healthy hair and nails. Choose between two delicious flavours and enjoy every pampering time to the fullest by sipping on our Nutra Organics collagen beauty drinks and munching on our delectable bars.

Embrace life every little bit of the way and if you want to treat yourself, do it the right way by offering yourself only premium wellbeing products from Wholly Her.