Pixie Homewares

Pixie Homeware

With Pixie Homeware you’ll be able to decorate your home like a true interior designer. Include eye-catching display bowls and trays from Wholly Her into your home décor for that needed wow factor. We offer a wide selection of Pixie Homeware items such as decorative bowl displays that will instantly turn every interior from average to chic. They can fit into your home seamlessly, adding a dose of charm to your living room. If you want to create Instagrammable photos of your home, any display bowl from our selection will help you set up an enchanting ambience. 

Use the charming Wiggle Dish as a Soap Dish, Pen Holder, Jewellery Holder, Paper Weight or just as a statement décor piece! The Wiggle Dish comes in white, beige and camel to complement any interior and allow you to use it as an aesthetically pleasing photo prop. If you want to make your interior really stand out, our Giant Clamshell Display Bowl will bring in a dose of elegance and tradition to your living room. Our products are intended for decorative use only.

Embrace life every little bit of the way and if you want to treat yourself then treat yourself because you deserve it after all. Feel free to contact us today and ask for more information about any Wholly Her product.